Training is not always easy. I would be lying if I told you so. A fitness journey is about ups and downs, days where you don't feel like training and days where you hurt yourself. Throughout the last year, I suffered many injuries. I broke my toes, discovered I had hips problems, sprained my ankle twice, broke a finger and got my arm paralyzed. I could not lift weights at all... and then COVID-19 happened. So some of you asked me: how do you get back on tracks after weeks or months off? I think I can help you out.

set a goal

Discipline and goals are what makes you want to go to the gym. If you are lacking one of them, chances are your will not go back to the gym. I set myself the goal to regain my strength and lose body fat. I also do some physiotherapy exercises. Choose what's best for you but don't set yourself some big goals. Small steps are the way to go.

Don't go too fast

Take things slowly but surely. Your body isn't how it used to be. Chances are you lost strength and gained weight so if you rush, you will likely get hurt. Lift the weights you are able to, slowly increasing.

Get a new program

New is exciting. I find myself more excited to go to the gym when I have a new program. It is rewarding. Also, in your new program, you will want to increase repetitions and decrease weights.

Think about yourself

It might be hard to go to the gym when you feel like you lost everything but the human body is a machine. You will gain back what you lost in an instant. Training is not about others, it's about you and only you.

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