The world and internet are full of photoshoped pictures. The top-models and magazines were well known for that and everybody knew it. Now, these modified pictures are all-over our Instragram and Facebook feeds. Women and men, both do it, famous or not. This phenomenon creates unrealistic expectations and has real impact on our self-esteems. In this article, I will show you the results after an experimentation I did and my thoughts on this subject.

Took me less than 2 minutes. You can see the lines are twisted a little but still shocking.

the test

I have decided to see for myself how hard it was to photoshop pictures. Since I consider myself really good with photoshop, I have decided to download an application called Facetune for the test. These are my results after 5 to 10 minutes playing with the app.

I used old pictures of me.

Modified vs Real. Look at the waist, the boobs.

Modified vs Real. Look at the waist, the boobs, the hips, the forehead, the tights.

Modified vs Real. Look at the waist, the tights, the face is even smaller, all the makeup.

Modified vs Real. Look at the waist, the bum.

What did I learn? I have learned that it so fucking easy to modify pictures. You don't have to be a pro to do it.

My problem with this

If you want to Facetune yourself a little, I'm no one to tell you what to do. I'm not going to lie, I sometimes photoshopped some pictures of mine to get rid of a pimple or to soften my skin. My problem is when it comes to changing your face, your size and shape to portray a body that isn't real.

Photoshopping contributes to a culture of damaging and unattainable beauty standards. Studies have linked Instagram to issues surrounding self-esteem. Retouched images can lead to decreased self-esteem, anxiety and, in some cases, depression. In turn, these feelings can cause people to engage in behaviors they hope will help them attain the ultra-thin, blemish-free bodies they see in magazines and on social media.

I also see men photshopping their bodies to give the idea that they are more muscular than they really are and often, the same people will promote supplements or gym programs. Basically, they make money out of a body that doesn't even exist.

Never compare yourself

I believe we are all beautiful in our own ways. Please, don't compare yourself to what you see online. It is an easy thing to say but a hard thing to do.

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