Starting the day with a smoothie sometimes feels just right. Here is my perfect smoothie guide. I wrote down some of my favorite recipes down below.

Liquid ingredients

Fruit juice (preferably unsweetened) Milk Yogurt (Greek yogurt contains more protein Vegetable milk Almond Soy Rice Coconut milk Coconut water Silky tofu

Watermelon, pineapple and orange are particularly juicy, so if you use these fruits, you can easily reduce the amount of liquid ingredients by half.

Fruits and vegetables

Banana Fishing Nectarine Pear Mango Berries Strawberries Raspberries Blueberries Raisins Apple Watermelon Pineapple Honey Melon/Cantaloup Orange without peel Kiwi Lemon juice/Lime Juice Dates Spinach Mint/Persil Celery Cucumber Beet Carrot Avocado

Why not also add some vegetables? We won't really taste them (the taste of the smoothie will remain sweet) and they will bring even more vitamins and antioxidants! Less is usually added than fruit, especially if it has a strong taste.


Protein powder

Flax or chia seeds

Oatmeal or oat bran, raw

Cooked quinoa

Sunflower seeds

Nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans)

Nut butter (peanuts, almonds, etc.)


Fresh or powdered ginger



Smoothie ideas

Banane - spinach - peanut butter - milk

Fish- strawberries - iced tea

Mangue - banana - silky tofu - milk

Pineapple- banana - coconut milk (pina colada!)

Banane - strawberries - almonds - oats

Banane - cucumber - blueberries - avocado - spinach

Kale - banana - celery - ginger - pineapple - lime (detox)

Framboises - yogurt - milk - vanilla

Avocado - banana - cocoa - yogurt

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