It is not a secret. Like a lot of people, my body went through extremely different phases before becoming the body I have now. I have talked a lot about it but didn't really compared the phases and talked about it in depth. So here we go.

2016 Throwback

Eating, eating, eating...

Where to begin? I grew up eating my feelings. I was eating really shitty food and my diet consisted of ultra transformed high sugar high fat food. I didn't know what was healthy and what wasn't. I only knew it was good. It was feeding my emotions. I don't blame my parents at all for it, they didn't know either. A typical day would have been:


  • Two slices of white bread with butter on top

  • A glass of milk

  • A Costco muffin


  • High sugar granola bar


  • Sandwich: ham in two slices of white bread with mayonnaise

  • Joe-Louis x 2

  • Iced Tea x 2


  • Pastas

  • Frozen panned chicken

  • Coke

  • Whole bag of oreos

  • A glass of milk

Needless to say, I was overweight. I don't have pictures at my highest but I found one a little bit before my anorexia, at 160 pounds.

I Stopped Eating

After my first car accident, I got into the hospital for Post Traumatic Choc. I was on so many pills, it cut my appetite. I decided to become vegan but I was losing weight so fast... I stopped eating more and more and people were telling me how pretty I was. It became an eating disorder.

To the gym I go

Then, my dad brought me into the gym. The rest is history.

In 2017, I had to go through the hardest period of my life. I lost all my muscles and was back to a tiny version of me... I couldn't go to the gym and I wouldn't really eat. When I decided to fight for my life, again, I went straight back into the gym. Thanks to muscles memory, I worked fucking hard and it payed off.

When I gained back all my muscles and more, I decided to do a show. My first show! I was 185 pounds, 21% bodyfat. 16 weeks later, I was on stage! Two months later, I was 178 pounds, 16% bodyfat. Now, as I writing this, my bodyfat went up to 19%. It's my fault that I didn't follow my diet exactly the way I should have. I was also really stressed out so cortisol went up.

I'm a genetic freak. My transformation can't apply to everyone. I am blessed to have the genetics I have. I am followed by an amazing coach, I am a coach myself. Every aspect of my life is clean and on point. It's all my life. I want to inspire you as much as I can but every body is different and every transformation is different. I want to clear something out here, I'm getting asked a lot... Do I take steroids? I don't and I never took steroids. The reasons are simple: my health will always be more important than my physique and I have only been training for 2 years, I haven't reach my full potential. I'm just starting! Plus, I'm young. I care about my health, hormones, metabolism. I was gifted with the genes I have so I will never screw this up.

Mental journey

I have learned so many things during this journey and I still am. I have learned so much about me, about life, about my capacities, my limits. Before my fitness journey, I was studying in Film and New Medias. I wanted to do films and photography. However, the further I was getting in my program, the more I realized I didn't want to do this.

This picture is one of my favorite. It shows two of my passions: horses and photography. Furthermore, it shows all the trust and emotions you can see through their eyes.

I still love photography and doing movies but I wanted to be a director, not a cameraman or working for someone else's ideas.I was then back to square one... or I thought. I became so addicted to learning about trainings, body mechanics, foods, hormones... I decided to train myself and take pictures of my progress. I began to share them on my social medias and I realized I could help, inspire and reach people sharing my passions through my camera.

Now, I have my own business, I am an online trainer and keep inspiring people from all over the world. I know now that I want to be my own boss. I want to help others.


I want to help and inspire as many people as I can so here are my tips if you are going through an eating disorder or want to start lifting.

  1. Don't set yourself a goal. What? Crazy right? What I mean is that if you are a beginner, don't look at your weight. Don't look at a picture of your ''body goal''. Start by lifting weights, eat healthy, don't freak out and then from there, build your physique.

  2. Learn, read, watch documentaries. Inform yourself and don't believe everything you see or hear.

  3. Learn how your muscles work, how your body works. Learn which food is good for you and what isn't. What I mean by learning is inform yourself with peer-reviewed sources.

  4. Jump in.

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