As I talked about it a lot on my Instagram lately, people are asking me what happened in the last year. So I have decided to write about it. A lot of things happened, physically and mentally. It has been a year of growth and a year of pain. Recap of my last year.

My injuries

I broke my toes, sprained my ankles twice, my left arm paralyzed, I broke a finger and developed hips problems because of bones malformations in my lower body. All of this in 9 months! It is a lot to handle when training is your life. I had to take some rest in order to come back stronger. I had some mental breakdowns following these events... It pretty much all came back to normal except my left arm. It is easily tired while training and I have troubles lifting weight because I cannot flex my wrist or grab a handle with strength.

“Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.”

It forced me to take a break. A break I really needed. In the last five years, I've had to deal with some stressful things and I never stopped to look at what I had. What I had accomplished, what I had lost, what I had gained. The human body is a really beautiful thing. It forced me to stop when I most needed it. Well... it would be 100% beautiful if it could only give me my arm back, it would be great.


2020 started strong with the COVID-19. A global pandemic which affected us all. When I felt ready to head back to the gym, it happened. All the gyms closed. We were on lockdown, quarantine. That's when I met my boyfriend, the man of my dreams. A lot of good things happened because of this pandemic. My business started to grow, I fell in love, I pursued my dreams, I took some me time. There again though, I was forced to take a break. My body was in better shape just like my mental but I could not train anywhere. Looking back, it was a good thing because I had not 100% recovered.

A break is sometimes a good thing

Taking a break is good to reset your batteries and lower your chances of getting hurt. However, I would not go for more than a week since fitness cannot be stored. Just like you would reset your phone or computer, the human body is a machine that sometimes needs rest. You may even be surprised to learn that taking a few days or a full week off from training won't necessarily hurt the gains you've made. Don't ever underestimate what your body can do... but do not overestimate either.

Now I'm back at the gym and like I always say:

''Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack''

Thank you for reading.

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