Meal planning can be painful when you first start. A meal plan is any strategy used to map out what you're going to eat. This term may refer to following a specific diet, or it may just indicate the process of thinking through what you plan to eat beforehand. Here are my tips on how to start meal planning.

Buy the necessities

You will first have to buy all the necessities to cook. I prepared you a list.

  • A food balance

  • Spices

  • Food containers

  • Timer

  • Permanent marker

  • Cooking pans

If you follow a meal plan, chances are you will have to weight your food. That's why a food balance is important. I have had some clients who were really eating well but too much unfortunately so according to me, it is primordial to weight the food before putting it in the food containers.

Buy the food

That's is no surprise but an essential step.

Write down everything

When I am meal planning, I write down before doing anything my plan of action. I write down how long and at what temperature I have to cook everything. Then, according to what I just wrote, I make a plan on what to cook first to last and what I can cook when my tofu is in the oven for example. If my tofu is in the oven for 15 minutes, I can cook my broccolis and cut my carrots. It will help you be focused and you won't forget a thing.

Start cooking

Follow your plan of action.

In the food containers they go

When everything is done cooking, you have to weight it and separate it into your food containers. If I cook on a Sunday, I will do 7 morning snacks, 7 diners, 5 pre-workouts snacks, 5 post-workout snacks, 7 suppers, 7 pre-bed snacks for a total of 38 meals. I cannot do 38 meals in a day if I don't plan everything.

Label your food containers

Every 38 meals I do will be labeled. The only thing I don't prepare is my breakfast because I have the time to do it and it is relaxing in the morning. Anyways, I label my meals for what they are and put them in the freezer when I'm all done!

Thanks for reading!

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