I would be lying if I say it is easy to stay motivated all the time to achieve your fitness goals. It is a long and painful journey, trust me. Some days you just want to stay in your bed and eat all the junk food you can think of. Some days you take aspirines because your body is aching so badly but you still have to go to the gym. However, the physical and mental benefits you will get are so much greater than the bad things I've just wrote down. It's a journey, but a beautiful one in the end. I will talk about the points on why I am dedicated to my fitness goals and how I do it.

Why I started my fitness journey

When I was 8 years old, my dream was to become muscular. I was lifting my dad's weights in the basement without telling anyone. At school, I was arm wrestling with some boys. However, I was being bullied and kids started to bully me even more because of that. Time went by, I grew up and became fatter. I was eating my emotions. At seventeen years old, I had a car accident which led me into my first Post Traumatic Choc. I stopped eating and lost 60 pounds in two months. That's when I became anorexic. Few months later, at 90 pounds, my dad brought me into the gym and I felt that fire rage again. He saved my life. Since then, I learned about nutrition, fitness, biology, hormones, muscles, genetic, I became a passionate freak.

I always say that if you throw me to the wolves, I will return leading the pack. I have been thrown to the wolves many times, but I came out stronger than ever. Fitness helped me find myself, helped me evolve. I started because I had a fire burning inside me that had to be focused on something and let out.

''I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me''

From a shy girl who was too anxious to talk to anybody, who was eating her emotions, who was getting bullied, who didn't want to wake up I became a strong woman who is not afraid to talk, who stands up for what's right and who is now living a healthy lifestyle. My fitness journey will never end, it is in constant evolution but I started it for the right reasons. I took a path that was unknown to me. I didn't know what I would find on the way but I found myself. I found inner peace and freedom. I found love, self love. It's the best thing that could have ever happened.

How I achieve my goals

Baby steps. I fixed myself a major goal: to be fit and healthy. Now, to get there, it is small steps. If you run before knowing how to walk, chances are you are going to fall and hurt yourself in the process. I began my fitness journey with learning about fitness, the body mechanism, hormones, etc. and got my personal trainer diplomas to teach myself how to train. I recommend getting a personal trainer if you don't have the time to do it yourself (book your FREE consultation with me in my online shop!). I then fixed myself some small goals and slowly increased. For examples, I started going to the gym 2 days a week than it became 4 to finally become 6 days a week. I never set myself a weight goal because muscles weight more than fat. Even for my show, we never checked my weight. I'm heavy now (200 pounds) for 5'4 but I don't have a lot of fat. It is all muscles. You can easily get disappointed and unmotivated if you always check your weight. Chances are, if you are trying to be fit, your body will likely stay almost always the same or even gain weight. That's because you are gaining muscles.

I always thought this way: fix a big goal and then baby steps to get there.

What are the benefits of a fitness journey?

You will feel so much better. You will have more energy. Any exercise or physical activity that gets the heart rate up and the blood flowing and releases endorphins is going to raise your energy level. Physical activity also stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood. For example, regular exercise can positively impact serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins are famously happy hormones that promote positive feelings like pleasure, happiness, and even love.

You will be more focused and if you are like me and you have troubles doing the tasks you have to do, fitness helped me get a routine. A daily routine provides structure and a logical sequence in our lives. It provides the framework within which we live our lives and conduct our daily activities. Soon we become familiar and comfortable with what we have to do each day. It allows us to experience a flow to our day.

I remember myself why I'm doing it

I remember all the hours I have spent doing what I love at the gym, learning how to train. I also think about my clients, which are my family. I never want to let them down! They are the reason why I can wake up every morning and be excited about my day. I look back at what I gained from it. I gained a lot, that's for sure. I gained muscles but also much more mentally. I gained a new life, new relationships and so much more. I remember who I was before and contemplate who I became. I am in it for my health, for my clients, for a better life.

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