When it's time for me to back a bag, I am the worst. I always put a million things I don't need because maybe I'll need it... but I don't. I really don't. So when I pack my gym bag, needless to say it's always full! However, for you, I'll do my best to tell you all my gym bag essentials and only the essentials.


Let's start with the bag. I have the red Mutant gym bag. It's pretty big to be honest but hey, it is perfect for me!

Clothing & Shoes

First of all, I always have one or two hoodies. It's MY ESSENTIAL. Weird right? Well, reason one: I always have one around my waist because I feel very uncomfortable if someone is looking at my butt. I sometimes have panic attacks if I see a man looking at it and I'm not even kidding. I ended up so many times crying in the gym washrooms because in a gym, there are mirrors everywhere. When I'm squatting, I don't want to have an eye contact with that creepy guy, it just makes me feel so damn awkward and I get panic attacks. Reason two: CARDIO. I love to do cardio with my hoodie on.

Of course I always have my gym bra, pants and one or two pair of socks. Actually, I have two pair of pants because I ripped my pants at the gym more than once so I learned from it.

I always bring my high tops vans because I feel they are the best to squats, deadlifts and everything since it reduces the risks of ankles injuries and they are flat.

When in-season, I also have my posing bikini and my high heels so I can practice my posing at the gym.

I also have my Mutant Cap and a towel.

gym essentials

My wrist wraps are always in my bag! I almost broke my two wrists when I was break-dancing and even though they are getting stronger, it reduces the risks of injuries a lot and allows me to bench more because the pressure is a lot less. Mieux vaux prévenir que guérir!

I also have my lifting straps that I use on legs and back days for deadlifts, rows, etc. It allows me to lift heavier because often my grip gets tired before the muscle group I am focusing on. Lifting straps are usually made of cotton, nylon or leather. I personally prefer leather, it grips more and usually last longer.

Then I have my belts: one leather belt and one nylon belt. I use the leather belt for leg and back days, for more heavy lifts that I know I will need a support. Again, it helps me avoid any injuries since I suffered from back sprains and they provide my torso with more stability. I use the nylon belt on other days or glutes days, since I don't have to do any heavy lifts that requires my back. The belt don't have holes like the leather one so you can adjust it as tight as you want. I also found that if I don't wear one, my obliques tend to grow and as a figure, I don't want to lose my small waist.

You know that moment when you want to do kickbacks but can't find any ankle straps for it? Yeah... that's why I ordered two on ebay and I always keep them in my gym bag. for 3$ CAN each, it is the best thing I have ever ordered online.

Same thing when you want to do hip thrusts but can't find any pads? Yeah, I ordered a ''hip thrust pad'' for 8$ CAN on ebay as well (a red one too because I love red) and it's quality! I really recommend you do it too.

«beauty» products

A deodorant is a must. Please, don't be that person that smells in the gym... I don't know what to say more than that.

In the same category, I have a perfume just in case.

A hair brush and some hair ties (more like a thousand hair ties because it is the easiest thing to lose).

I also have a little bottle of shampoo, conditionner and soap for when I have to take a shower at the gym.


I always take a post workout shake so I always have some scoops of IsoSurge and a shaker. IsoSurge is the Mutant Isolate Protein that comes in 14 different amazing flavours (did you know that they use the flavour technology used by the world's leading ice cream brand? AKA Ben & Jerry's... so you never get tired of the taste) and it is an isolate which means the protein was isolated from its source (whey) so you get a pure protein. It gets digested more easily and it is cleaner.

I also have my Mutant 2.5L Mug and Mutant BCAA in it. 9,7g of BCAAs, a blend of 8 electrolytes and an amazing taste. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids are three essentials amino acids: Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine) are a must if you train, because it prevents muscles breakdowns and essentials means that your body can't create those amino acids so you have to get it from an outside source. It also decreases muscles soreness and more but I'll keep that for my next blog post...

I have my ZMA pills for after my workout (ZMA stands for Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6). It enhances muscles recovery, helps with sleep, muscles strenght and anxiety.

I mix 10g of Mutant CreaKong (Creatine) to my Isolate Protein for my post workout shakes. CreaKong mixes 3 creatines and it helps with muscles strenght and performance.

I also mix 10g of Mutant Glutamine to my post workout shake. Glutamine is an important amino acid and plays a critical part of the immune system plus has a special role in the intestinal health.

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