I want to share with you a personal story. A story that means a lot to me and I hope to change your mind if you prefer to shop your animal than adopt it. It is the story of me and my kitten, a little fury ball of love that was destined to never find a family.

Where to start... I was diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic choc disorder) with several types of anxiety disorder and ADHD with impulsivity (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) one year ago. I've always been ADHD but only was taking seriously last year. It's hard to live with all of this because when you break an arm or a leg, everyone can see it but when it is your brain that is broken, no one can see it. I had no one to really calm me down when I had panic or anxiety attacks, which were at least two times per day.

One day, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and saw a post from a well known animal shelter asking for volunteers for their cats. I thought, why not? I sent them an email and got a phone call: I got the ''job''! I thought it would be a really good opportunity for me to be surrounded by animals, they always give you ten times more love than you can give them. I've always believed in zoo therapy too, only animals can calm me and that's what I needed.

In this shelter, the cats roam free in two different rooms: the adults cats and the kittens. I was in charge with other volunteers to clean to adults cats room and as soon as it was done, we went to see the kittens. When I opened the door, my eyes met with a ginger and white kitten's eyes. I got close to him but an older volunteer immediately told me he doesn't let anyone near him. I got onto my knees anyway, like I had a feeling. He looked at me and laid on his back, asking for belly rubs. I was shook. I might sound crazy but it is like he could understand me and I could understand him.

He had a blue collar with his name on it. I asked a volunteer who was with me what his name was while I was petting him. She took a look and said:

''His name is Kinder''

I answered:

''It should have been Tinder, you arrive and he opens his legs.''

I fell in love with him. I recorded him and showed it to my mom as soon as I got home. One important thing you need to know though: my mom was against having animals. I tried to convince her for years. However, when I showed her the video of this kitten... I saw something in her face, I saw the same eyes I had when I first saw him. She came to me 2 hours later and asked me when I was going back there. I told her tomorrow... then she told me what I thought I would never hear from her. She said: go get it. Adopt it. He his yours, I can feel it. That's what I did.

When I got there to adopt it, they said they didn't have a kitten named Kinder. I started to argue with them but they didn't believe me so I went into the kitten room and showed them the white and ginger petrified kitten. They asked me if I really wanted to adopt it and I said yes, I'm not leaving without him. They looked at his record and told me he would possibly die in a week and have many issues with his health, etc. They also told me he was found as a baby outside with other babies so he never had a family. I saw he had a bled a little bit over his right eye and asked them what happened? They then told me it was nothing, only that another had kitten inserted his claws there. I was stunned. They did nothing and this little fury lovely ball was scared to death. He was at the lowest level on the pyramid. I said I was taking him anyway. So I did.

They also told me he was one year old. However, when I got him to the vet directly after adopting him, I asked them to run every possible test so they did... and found out he was only six months old. He was born in September, same time as me.

Guess which name I gave him? Yes, Tinder. I named him Tinder. It was a good way to remember the first time we met and that we were made for each other.

He was scared to death just like I was. He was scared from every touch, beside mine. I was the only one he would cuddle with, every time I would call his name he would come in a second. He was following my every single steps and I would not leave him for a second. With a lot of love, I saw a tiny little kitten who was scared to death and was left to die transform into the most amazing furry ball I have ever seen in my entire life. He now cuddles with everyone he knows like my family, he only sleeps with me, wakes me up every morning at the right time, eats when I eat, he is able to say the word ''Mama'' I kid you not! He even plays fetch the ball perfectly. Every time I have a panic attack, he feels it before I do and comes to me directly to cuddle.

It might be a long text but it is an important one for me. I am his first and only family he will ever have.

In 2017, according to the Humane Canada, Canadian shelters took more than 87 000 cats and 33 000 dogs. Almost 50% of them were strays. 45% of shelters dogs and 60% of shelters cats had been placed in new loving families.

More than 25% of all felines (cats) in shelters were euthanized as kittens.

Adopting him was the best thing I have ever done.

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