Updated: Nov 29, 2018

I often get questions about me so why not create an article with some of the most popular one? If you are curious just like me, have a good reading!

Where am i from?

I get told a lot that I look like I'm from Norway or Russia or even Austria. I love Norway so it's kind of like a compliment for me. However, I'm Canadian. Half from Acadia, New Brunswick and half from Quebec. I don't like to refer myself as a Quebecker since I don't identify myself with the Quebec culture and more with the Canadian culture.

Am I french or English?

My first language is french. My dad taught me how to speak English from a young age so we could be fluent in both languages growing up. I went to a french primary school and french high school but then switch to an english college (CEGEP).

When did I begin my fitness journey?

I began my fitness journey two years ago now. I was less than 90 pounds. One and a half year later I was 185 pounds, getting ready for my first show. Now, 3 weeks post show I am 150 pounds and happier than ever.

what's my biggest dream?

Honestly? Waking up a snowy morning in my own house on a mountain, drinking my espresso, dealing my businesses while looking at my horses playing outside with other rescue animals.

What are my other passions beside fitness?

Food, I love food and cooking. Traveling, I love to travel and between me and you... my favorite part is being at the airport or the long car trip to get to the destination. Cars, I grew up learning about cars. I read all my dad's Guide de l'auto from the first one to the last and learned about every brand, model, engines... Horses, I have two horses tattooed on my back. They are part of my life since the beginning.

How many meals do I eat everyday?

In season & Off season: 7 meals

Carb-Up Days: 10 meals

What's my favorite season?

Winter... Oh yes. Off season too.

What's my weight?

On stage my weight was around 140. The highest I've been after bulking was 188 pounds (just before my prep). However, I don't believe in ''weights goals'' because the most important is how you feel and not how much you weight. Keep in mind you have water weight and muscles weight more than fat.

What's my favorite day?

They are all my favorites. I get excited every day, tired or not. If I have to chose, then in order:

  1. Shoulders

  2. Arms

  3. Back

  4. Legs

  5. Chest

  6. Abs

Favorite Cheat?

Hmmm... Cheesecake, pecan pies, burgers and almonds covered in chocolate.

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