I'm really forward and honest when it comes to talking about my life, my physical and mental well being, etc. but I was wondering if I could be even more opened and tell you 10 things you don't know about me. Here we go.

1. I studied in Film and new medias

I studied in Film and new medias when I entered College (CEGEP). My first choice was not fitness since I was not into it at that moment. I studied films, photography, journalism and photoshop. I got into fitness at my third semester, which is when I dropped off of college to follow my passion. I knew I wanted to have my own company in this domain so I made a choice... and it paid off.

2. My tattoos are my story

You can learn a lot when looking at someone. For me, it's my tattoos. I have three of them: on my forearm, my foot and my back. I write down parts of my life on myself. I see myself as an book. Every chapter has its place on me.

3. I never got surgeries or injections

You read that right. People often ask me where I get my lips done. Truth is, I was born this way! And my lips were something I would always get bullied on. I hated them at one point but I learned to love myself.

4. I'm afraid of closes spaces

Oh my god, I'm claustrophobic. Like... a lot. I'm really scared of enclosed spaces. I always think I will get stuck. My breathing gets faster and my pulse gets through the roof.

5. I'm passionate about horses

I have two horses tattooed on me. They mean a lot. I grew up riding horses and they are such peaceful and beautiful creatures. They read through you. I just love them. You feel so free around them.

6. I've always been bullied

I've been bullied all my life. It started when I was 5 and ended just now since I work from home. I've been bullied at school, at work, on social medias... I know it will never really end but a break feels good. Learning to deal with it at such a young age really had an effect on me and instead of reacting to it, I found myself addicted to know how the brain works. I was and still am trying to figure out why people are mean, how they get to that point. It is now my strength to analyze a mean person.

7. I'm born in Quebec but my family comes from Acadia, New-Brunswick

And from Switzerland (according to the researches I did on my ancestors). No I am not from Russia, from Germany or from Norway. My grand father comes from another part of Canada. That's why I don't identify as from Quebec.

8. I've learned English, Spanish, Russian, German and Dutch

Like I said in my previous point, people seems to agree that I look like I'm Russian. It's a compliment for me! I also love languages so it is funny for me to take a Russian accent and speak Russian to make someone believe they are right. Unfortunately, I forgot almost all the words in 4 four languages. The only one I'm still fluent in is English. It was important for my father to teach us many languages to be able to travel and discover other cultures. I think in English most of the time now but french is my mother tongue.

9. I'm ADHD+Impulsivity

I will write a post about it in the near future. I'm ADHD with impulsivity. I was diagnosed ADD at a young age but I was re-diagnosed ADHD+Impulsivity when I was about 15 or 16. My mother didn't want me to get medication so it got me into trouble. Dealing with such a thing is a pain, a big and real one. The way the test works is 12 hours divided on 6 weeks of questioning and ability tests. I would always get a migraine after 2 hours. For every criterion, there's a scale from 1 to 100, ranging from green to red. 1 (green) is good, 50 (yellow) is not so good and 100 (red) is really bad. I ended up in the red on almost all the criteria, meaning it's pretty pretty bad.

10. I wear makeup... But I don't always do

I'm a makeup artist so people assume I always wear makeup. The truth is: I don't. I prefer my face cleaned up and fresh. I have my cleansing and cleaning routine which I'm thinking about posting on here and I prefer this than wearing makeup. I love makeup but I also don't care if I'm not wearing any. Some persons try to attack me on that but I feel comfortable in my skin either ways.

to conclude

I hope you had a great time reading this! It was fun to share with you some of my secrets. Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day.

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