Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Camylle Chiasson, AKA Blondy Beast Fit. I am a 22 years old figure athlete & online trainer. My blog is where I post my thoughts, tips and tricks, healthy recipes and more! You can also see the services I offer as a trainer! Welcome to my world.


When I was 8 years old, my dream was to become muscular. I was lifting my dad's weights in the basement without telling anyone. At school, I was arm wrestling with some boys. However, I was being bullied and kids started to bully me even more because of that. Time went by, I grew up and became fatter. I was eating my emotions. At seventeen years old, I had a car accident which led me into my first Post Traumatic Choc. I stopped eating and lost 60 pounds in two months. That's when I became anorexic. Few months later, at 90 pounds, my dad brought me into the gym and I felt that fire rage again. He saved my life. Since then, I learned about nutrition, fitness, biology, hormones, muscles, genetic, I became a passionate freak. Now, I'm 22 years old, living off of my passion.

So welcome to my blog, where I am free to talk to you about my struggles, my passions, where I can share tricks & tips with you and more!

Welcome, to my fitness and personal world,

Blondy xxxx

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